All About Koh Kong Island  

All About Koh Kong Island

23KM off the coast of Koh Kong City, and 25KM from the South-Eastern tip of Thailand, is Koh Kong Island.

Koh Kong Island is 20KM long and 6KM wide.

It takes 30 to 130 minutes by boat to get to the island from Koh Kong City.

Koh Kong Island is the size of Hong Kong, with a population the size of a small school.

There's nothing here.

Trees, beaches, waterfalls, hills, more beaches, and 2 small island bungalow resorts, with less than 20 rooms (total).

What a great place!

You get Khmer (Cambodian) hospitality everywhere you go on the island.  Not too much English (or any other language) except Khmer on the island.  But you could probably get by speaking Thai.

Come and relax, explore and play on Koh Kong Island today!


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