Transportation to and from
Koh Kong Island

To and from Koh Kong Island from Koh Kong City can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

A few speedboats can get you there quick, but most boats take one and a half hours.

Getting around Koh Kong Island is by foot!  Unless you're renting a boat, be it kayak, speedboat or fishing boat.

Transportation to and from Koh Kong Island in Cambodia

Prices for a round trip from the mainland to Koh Kong Island are from $30 and up.

To Koh Kong Island Resort:

Big speed boat Everyday:
- To island: Departure from Koh Kong City (behind Koh Kong Bay Hotel) at 8.30am 15$/pax.
-From Island: 15.00 pm – 15$/pax.
Later departure at any time:
- Private small speed boat (15 horse power engine) available 2-3 pax 55$ (one way)
- Private speed boat (40 horse power) available up to 4-5 pax 90$ (one way)

To White Sand Beach Resort:

Boat leaves twice a day which at 8:15 and 14:00pm.Trip takes 1hr 30mn.

Koh Kong Island is 5 kilometers from Koh Kong City, however, you have to go around a few other islands to get there, which doubles the time of the trip.

Also, many tour companies in Koh Kong City have day trips to the Koh Kong Island




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